Shaun Tomson’s code for living a life of power and purpose

Shaun Tomson was the poster child of surfing’s Free Ride generation…literally. He redefined the art of tube riding at Off The Wall in the mid 70s, and helped usher in the age of the modern day pro surfer. Shaun won the World Title in 1977, and remained surfing’s first gentleman on The Tour all the way up until he retired in 1990.

Today, Shaun’s resume is a laundry list of accomplishments. He’s an entrepreneur, author, documentary filmmaker, and philanthropist. But his primary role today is motivational speaker. He teaches groups and individuals about leadership, individual and shared purpose, and turning hope into action. He’s given his lessons to corporate juggernauts like Google, GM, Disney and Cisco, as well as prisons, rehab centers, elite universities and some of the poorest schools in South Africa. 

Shaun’s message of hope, optimism, and self empowerment is especially encouraging considering how far into despair he fell after the death of his son Matthew in 2006.

We spoke about all that and the state of surfing today, of course, in this first episode of Season 2. I hope you enjoy.

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